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WATCH: Top Dismissals in the history of Cricket

Do you know there are 11 ways in which a batsman can be dismissed? Well, if you didn’t, then you know now. Wondering why we started right away with talking about the dismissal of a batsman? That is because today, we are here to discuss some of the top dismissals of the cricketing world. 

Cricket has been a game of gentlemen, played with a lot of passion and zeal. There have been moments that one can never forget, and reminding you of such moments is what we strive for. Here’re the top dismissals recorded in the history of the game.

MS Dhoni & Mitchell Marsh

A T20 match between India & Australia, Mitchell March on the crease & as usual the former skipper, MS Dhoni behind the stumps. Known as one of the quickest stumpings ever recorded in the history of cricket, Dhoni dismissed March in a fraction of seconds. 

Adam Gilchrist’s performance in The Ashes

The Ashes has always been one of the most-awaited cricket events between the arch-rivals, England & Australia. Well, in such over-enthusiastic match, Adam Gilchrist dismissed Marcus Trescothick on Shane Warne delivery in a superb manner. Marcus hit the ball well, but the ball struck Hayden’s leg who was fielding at short-leg & bounced back before Gilchrist caught the ball behind the stumps with a wonderful dive. 

Mark Boucher’s Awesome Runout

Regarded as one of the best wicket-keepers the cricket world has ever produced, Mark Boucher ought to be on the list. In a Sri Lanka vs Australia ODI, Boucher appealed for bat-pad dismissal of Atapattu, after the ball bounced & was caught by Boucher. However, umpire denied the appeal & Atapattu ran for run & Boucher threw the ball at the stumps without even looking at it, recording one of his best dismissals. 

Kumar Sangakkara Dismissing J. Maher

In a match between Sri Lanka & Australia during the VB series, Kumar Sangakkara did a sensational dismissal. In an attempt to break the opening partnership Muralitharan bowled an amazing off-swinger which spun greatly & Kumar dived-in to get hold of the ball. In his attempt, he lost balance, & on the fall, he threw the ball to the stumps.  

(Video source: YouTube)

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