Top Fantasy game influencers in India

The fantasy market is developing with each sporting season, and we break down the three best fantasy influencers in India here, just for you. 

IndianHotDeal.Com is one of the prominent fantasy influencers who promote fantasy only. They cover each and every fantasy game, especially Rummy and Poker. They become a guide for the user to pick random pieces of information. If you’re looking for the best online Rummy apps in India, will give you detailed and crisp information about top online Rummy apps. Their selective system is pretty cool, and the guides are easy to understand. In other perspectives, they have details about fantasy cricket apps, rummy, etc.

Are you looking for the directory kind of information about your favorite fantasy apps? Well, offers you similar things on their site. Their expert teams will help you know more about fantasy apps such as winning, getting the bonus, how the company founded, etc. They also provide you the tips and tricks to get big winnings on various fantasy apps. A part of the best fantasy apps influencers available in India, it guides fantasy users. This site provides the users with a list of referral codes and promo codes to get an extra discount on the contest at several fantasy apps.

EArticleBlog is also quite similar to other influencers, but they are not specific to sports. Their expert team informs you about the current bonus and offers on various apps. It might be a sports app or a dating app. In fantasy, they provide great information about India’s top fantasy apps. They monitor the user-friendly details regarding the cash bonus, referral, or other user aspects and offer you the top information.