The Roar of Brand Ro-Hitman Sharma

From living in suburbs of Mumbai to making waves in the cricket world with his finest performances, Rohit Sharma has become a household name in India. India’s new test opener and Mumbai Indians’ captain is now marching towards becoming one of the prominent faces in the advertising arena. The moment he made record-breaking five centuries in the ICC World Cup 2019, Rohit’s aura as a brand icon escalated.

Spanning a career of more than a decade, his brand value has evolved seamlessly and skyrocketed over these years. Now, he stands as the third highest paid cricketer in the current Indian squad, after Indian skipper Virat Kohli and former captain MS Dhoni.

Let’s find out how Rohit Sharma strikes the brand deals as swiftly as he hits the ball and take a look at his fortune on and off the field.

His brand value is unbeatable

After showcasing an incredible performance in international cricket, Rohit lends his name to 22 brands in total in Indian market. In 2018, he used to market around 12 products and now he has netted ten more clients. Market experts stated that he has earned 55% higher rates than the previous year.  Looking at his current pace, he is expected to earn 73-75 crore from the 22 products endorsements and his net worth is projected to grow further in the coming years.

As per reports, Sharma is charging one crore a day with a minimum guarantee of two days in a year. According to the industry insights, Kohli, who has apparently the highest brand equity, charges almost 3-4 times that of Sharma and endorses around 25 brands, while Dhoni 12 markets products (including his own line of products).

Leading brands are ready to splurge millions to sign him

Rohit as a brand has become a ‘hit’ formula in the advertising world as he has created a niche market for himself. Nikhil Bardia is the Head of Sponsorship Sales at IMG-Reliance, and he has been managing Rohit’s commercial deals from the past four years. He said, “His onfield performance has rapidly advanced and complimented to our off-field strategy, offering a very exciting option for brands.”


Becoming a pro at brand endorsements

Rohit Sharma has been very particular about his brand choices. As he has become one of the sought-after sports personalities, he has got the hang of how this advertising game works. He said, “I am extremely cautious about the brands I associate myself with.” “A lot of brands I have endorsed are used by me, and if I don’t see any camaraderie between me and the brand, I don’t go ahead with the association,” he added.