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Sachin Tendulkar becomes first cricketer to be honored with Laureus Award

Sachin Tendulkar has always been showered upon immense love and support by his fans, and in yet another incident, Indian cricket fans proved how much they admire the player. Riding on the back of support extended by Indian cricket fans, the moment when Sachin Tendulkar was lifted on shoulders by his teammates during the 2011 World Cup was adjudged as the Laureus Sporting Moment of the Year Award. 

Tendulkar was overwhelmed on receiving the award during the gala event. It was former Australian skipper Steve Waugh who handed the trophy to the ‘God of Cricket’ after he was announced as the winner by tennis legend Boris Becker. 

"It's incredible. The feeling of winning the world cup was beyond what words can express. How many times you get an event happening where there are no mixed opinions. Very rarely the entire country celebrates," Tendulkar stated while receiving the trophy.

"And this is a reminder of how powerful a sport is and what magic it does to our lives. Even now when I watch that it has stayed with me. “

After the award was handed over to the cricket legend, he was asked by Bros Becker if he can put the emotions he felt at that time in words. Thereon, talking about his journey and dream of holding that World Cup title, Tendulkar said, 

"My journey started in 1983 when I was 10 years old. India had won the World Cup. I did not understand the significance and just because everybody was celebrating, I also joined the party.

"But somewhere I knew something special has happened to the country and I wanted to experience it one day and that's how my journey began.

"It was the proudest moment of my life, holding that trophy which I chased for 22 years but I never lost hope. I was merely lifting that trophy on behalf of my countrymen."

He also shared the impact the revolutionary South African leader Nelson Mandela had on him. He met him when he was just 19 years old.

The player further on talked about how amazing he felt when he met South Africa player Nelson Madela at the age of 19. He expressed how greatly he was highly inspired by the player and said, "His hardship did not affect his leadership. Out of many messages he left, the most important I felt was that sport has got the power to unite everyone.

"Today sitting in this room with so many athletes, some of them did not have everything but they made the best of everything they had. I thank them for inspiring youngsters to pick a sport of their choice and chase their dreams. This trophy belongs to all of us, it's not just about me."


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