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Press Release: MyTeam11 join hands with Pro Volleyball League as “Official Fantasy Partner”

The world of sports is set to witness yet another magnificent sports series with the Pro Volleyball League making its debut from February 2019. The Pro Volleyball League is an indoor tournament that will be held between men divided into 6 different franchises. 

The 6 different franchises will be representing different cities of India. The cities that will be participating in the inaugural season of the Pro Volleyball League are Ahmedabad as ‘Ahmedabad Defenders,’ Calicut as ‘Calicut Heroes,’ Chennai as ‘Chennai Spartans,’ Hyderabad as ‘Black Hawks Hyderabad,’ Kochi as ‘Kochi Blue Spikers,’ and Mumbai as ‘U Mumba Volley.’

Pro Volleyball league: How to Play

Competition format – 

League Matches

All the teams will play each other once in a round robin format first followed by knockouts; 

The scoring system to be followed in the league will be as follows: 

  • Each team gets 2 points for a win and 0 for a loss irrespective of the score being 3-2 or 4-1. 

  • For a 5 -0 win, they get an extra point, i.e. a total 3 points. 

  • If two teams are tied on the same number of points, the difference in sets won will be considered. That is total sets won in the 5 matches – total sets lost. 

  • If there is still a tie at this point for the semi-finals, the difference in points scored will be considered, in the same way as above. 

If two teams are still tied, there will be a toss of a coin. 

  • The results of the League Matches shall be recorded by the League in a table used to help determine who may advance to the Play-Off Matches (the “League Table”); 

  • The positions of Teams in the League Table shall from time to time be determined by most number of points obtained in the League Matches; 

Playing Format

To Score A Point 

1. A team scores a point by: 

  1. successfully landing the ball on the opponent’s court; 

  2. when the opponent team commits a fault; 

  3. when the opponent team receives a penalty; 

  4. A team commits a fault by making a playing action contrary to the rules (or by violating them in some other way). The referees judge the faults and determine the consequences according to the rules: i) if two or more faults are committed successively, only the first one is counted; ii) if two or more faults are committed by opponents simultaneously, a DOUBLE FAULT is called, and the rally is replayed. 

  5. A rally is the sequence of playing actions from the moment of the service hit by the server until the ball is out of play. A completed rally is the sequence of playing actions which results in the award of a point. This includes the award of a penalty and loss of service for service hit made after the time-limit. 

  6. If the serving team wins a rally, it scores a point and continues to serve. If the receiving team wins a rally, it scores a point and it must serve next.

League Rules

Tournament Format

1. Each Match during the league phase shall comprise of 5 sets of 15 points each and the teams must play all 5 sets; 

2. During each match each team can call for a “SUPER POINT” once every set, if the team calling the super point wins the point it will get two point and if the team loses the point the opposing team gets a two point advantage, e.g. if the score is tied is 9-9 and a team calls for a super point, if the team calling for a super point wins the point the score will be 11-9 and if the team calling the super point loses the score will be 8-10. It may also be noted that “SUPER POINT” can only be taken before a team has reached 11 points and cannot be carried forward to the next set; 

3. A service ace will be called a “SUPER SERVE” and will carry two points. An ace is classified as a serve which lands in the oppositions half and is not touched by any player. It may be noted that if the team with the service has taken a “SUPER POINT” and it turns out to be a “SUPER SERVE” the points awarded will be 2 only, this applies in the vice-versa situation as well and the “SUPER POINT” taken will not be considered or counted. 

If, in any set points are tied at 14-14, the team that wins the 15th point shall win the set;

MyTeam11: Fantasy Partner of Pro Volleyball League

MyTeam11 Fantasy Sports Private Limited is joining in hands with the organizers of Pro Volleyball League as the “Official Fantasy Sports Partner” of the event. The partnership of MyTeam11 and Pro Volleyball League will surely be a game turner, providing fantasy users a new and innovative experience.


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