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Most Catches in World T20 Cup

High-performance teams not only require their players to be good batters or bowlers but need them to be a team player and an exceptional fielder as well. The saying “Catches win Matches” may be cliché but it still stands true in cricket. So let’s look at the players with the most catches in the World T20 Cup.

5. DJ Bravo

Team: West Indies

Source: DJ Bravo / Instagram

The 2-time T20 Champion of the World with the Windies, DJ Bravo not only contributed with the willow and the cherry but also with his exceptional fielding. Regarded as one of the safest pairs of hands in world cricket, Bravo took 15 catches in 34 matches. His catches per innings ratio of 0.44, just signifies his importance to the West Indies. Bravo was always active guarding the long-on and long-off boundary while pulling off some of the scintillating catches.

4. GJ Maxwell

Team: Australia

Source: Glenn Maxwell / Instagram

Justifying the term all-rounder in its truest sense, GJ Maxwell comes in at number 4 in this list. Maxi has completed 15 catches in 23 matches at a mind-blowing catches per innings ratio of 0.652. He is often fielding at point position during powerplay and manning the long boundaries during death overs. Known for his agility and quick reflexes, Maxwell is one of the few players who possess bullet throws in their fielding armour.

3. DA Warner

Team: Australia

Source: David Warner/ Instagram

Maxwell’s accomplice on long-on and long-off regions, DA Warner is the next player on the list. Although Warner has a stout build, he is one of the quickest cricketers in the field. With 19 catches in 33 innings, Warner is the Australian player with most catches as an outfield player. Nicknamed as ‘Superman’, Warner produces high-class fielding displays in almost every match for his team. He has a healthy catches per innings ratio of 0.575.

2. MJ Guptill

Team: New Zealand

Source: Martin Guptill/ Instagram

MJ Guptill is mostly known for his aggressive batting at top of the order, he is also the best New Zealand has to offer when it comes to fielding. Guptill is always at the thick of the action during fielding and no one can surely forget his brilliant run-out of MS Dhoni in the 2019 World Cup semis. Despite playing with a disability in his left foot, Guptill has never dropped his fielding standards. Nicknamed as ‘two toes’, he has taken 19 catches in 28 matches at catches per innings ratio of 0.678.

1. AB de Villiers

Team: South Africa

Source: AB de Villiers / Instagram

At the top of the list, we have none other than ‘Mr. 360’ AB de Villiers. South Africa has redefined fielding in the past 3 decades and produced the best fielders the cricketing world has ever seen. Continuing his country’s cricket heritage, de Villiers not only can hit shots at every corner of the park but can also field in any position. ABD has taken 23 catches in just 25 matches at an astonishing catches per innings ratio of 0.92. Although he failed to win a World T20 Cup with the Proteas, his effort in the field was never short of cent percent.

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