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#JazbaJeetKa: Anil Kumble’s Undefeated Will to Lead India to Victory.

It is very difficult for somebody to get into Anil Kumble’s shoes. He is a cricketer who never compromises his dignity and always played with determination”: Ian Chappell

During the 2002 Antigua test, Indian legendary spinner, Anil Kumble proved the same. In this test, while batting, Anil Kumble was hit on his jaw by West Indies right-arm pacer, Marvin Dillon. He spat out the blood and continued batting without showing any pain. Later he was asked to leave for Bengaluru as his jaw was fractured.

But the determination he showed on the field was insane. Next morning, he came out with a bandage around his face and bowled 14 overs picking up the crucial wicket of Brian Lara. Out of these 14 overs, five were maiden.


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