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Introducing New Rules for Team Creation on MyTeam11

Touted as the fastest-growing fantasy sports app with millions of gamers onboard, MyTeam11 is the second-largest e-sports market leader. Providing a new dimension to fantasy sports, the platform is known to innovate and bring forth the finest gaming experience. Underlining the essence of its tagline “Yeh Khel Hai Junoon Ka,” the platform aims to make the experience all the more user-friendly with the New Team Creation Rules. Earlier, the number of players a user could select were limited, but now this new team selection rule will enable the user to expand the choice for team selection. Starting from 1 January, MyTeam11 brings some major simplification in team building for cricket. Cricket is a sport that does not just require skills, but it also needs passion to win.

In order to help users in creating a more streamlined team and make the process of players’ selection even more flexible, the platform has unveiled the updated team creation feature. This drastic change in the fantasy team selection will allow the user to make the right choice while picking the candidate for the squad. This modification is intended to help the users gain advantage of choosing more players and strengthen their team from every aspect, be it batting, bowling or wicket-keeping.

New Modifications

Wicket Keepers

Wicket Keeper is one of the most essential weapons of the squad which has to be chosen wisely. While selecting a Fantasy Cricket team on MyTeam11, now the users can choose up to 4 WICKET KEEPERS in their playing XI squad. More is always better!


A good batting line-up can give the user an advantage to garner huge points. To strengthen the batting order, the users can pick 2-6 BATTERS. As the fantasy team is awarded with points on the basis of the real-time player’s on-field performance, it is important for gamers to select the potential batters in the top-order and middle-order.

All Rounders

All-rounders play a very crucial role in guiding a team to victory. With the introduction of this new team creation rules, users are allowed to pick 1-6 ALL ROUNDERS to fuel up the momentum of fantasy team.


Bowling attack of a team determines whether a team will win or not! The users can judiciously pick 2-6 BOWLERS in their fantasy squad. All they need to do is have a calculative approach to bolster their bowling force.

Innovative concepts like these are the reason why MyTeam11 is one of the most trusted fantasy sports platforms across India.

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