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Indian T20 League 2023: Final Squads

The biggest cricketing carnival on the planet is back! Brace yourselves, cricket fans, as the 16th edition of the Indian T20 League is just around the corner!

The Indian T20 League is not just a tournament, it’s an emotion that grips the entire nation and beyond. With ten fiercely competitive teams fighting tooth and nail for the coveted championship trophy, the stakes couldn’t be higher!

And this year, the Indian T20 League is back to the traditional “Home and Away” format, where teams face each other in their home ground and away from home. It’s not just about scoring runs and taking wickets; it’s about grit, determination, and the ability to handle pressure. Each team faces unique challenges while playing at home and away, which separates the champions from the rest.

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the Indian T20 League! It’s going to be sixes, fours and wickets galore as the best cricketers from around the world descend upon India for the most exciting cricket tournament in the world!

Indian T20 League Final Squad List

Chennai Squad 2023

Indian T20 League Final Squads

Player Role Auction Price Nation
MS Dhoni (wk/C) WK-Batsman ₹12 Crores(R) India
R. Gaikwad Batsman ₹6 Crores(R) India
A. Rayudu (wk) WK- Batsman ₹6.75 Crores(R) India
D. Conway Batsman ₹1 Crore(R) New Zealand
S. Senapati Batsman ₹20 Lacs(R) India
D. Chahar Bowler ₹14 Crores(R) India
T. Deshpande Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) India
M. Theekshana Bowler ₹70 Lacs(R) Sri Lanka
S. Singh Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) India
M. Pathirana Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) Sri Lanka
M. Choudhary Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) India
P. Solanki Bowler ₹1.20 Crores(R) India
M. Santner Bowler ₹1.90 Crores(R) New Zealand
R. Hangargekar Bowler ₹1.50 Crores(R) India
R. Jadeja All-rounder ₹16 Crores(R) India
M. Ali All-rounder ₹8 Crores(R) England
S. Dube All-rounder ₹4 Crores(R) India
D. Pretorius All-rounder ₹50 Lacs(R) South Africa
B. Stokes All-rounder ₹16.25 Crores England
A. Rahane Batsman ₹50 Lacs India
N. Sindhu All-rounder ₹20 Lacs India
S. Rasheed Batsman ₹20 Lacs India
A. Mandal Bowler ₹20 Lacs India
B. Verma All-rounder ₹20 Lacs India

Delhi Squad 2023

Indian T20 League Final Squads

Player Role Auction Price Nation
R. Pant (wk) WK-Batsman ₹16 Crores(R) India
P. Shaw Batsman ₹7.50 Crores(R) India
D. Warner(C) Batsman ₹6.25 Crores(R) Australia
S. Khan Batsman ₹20 Lacs(R) India
Y. Dhull Batsman ₹50 Lacs(R) India
R. Powell Batsman ₹2.80 Crores(R) West Indies
A. Nortje Bowler ₹6.50 Crores(R) South Africa
K. Nagarkoti Bowler ₹1.10 Crores(R) India
M. Rahman Bowler ₹2 Crores(R) Bangladesh
L. Ngidi Bowler ₹50 Lacs(R) South Africa
K. Ahmed Bowler ₹5.25 Crores(R) India
C. Sakariya Bowler ₹4.20 Crores(R) India
P. Dubey Bowler ₹50 Lacs(R) India
K. Yadav Bowler ₹2 Crores(R) India
A. Patel(VC) All-rounder ₹9 Crores(R) India
M. Marsh All-rounder ₹6.50 Crores(R) Australia
L. Yadav All-rounder ₹65 Lacs(R) India
R. Patel All-rounder ₹20 Lacs(R) India
V. Ostwal All-rounder ₹20 Lacs(R) India
A. Khan Allrounder Traded from Kolkata India
I. Sharma Bowler ₹50 Lacs India
P. Salt WT-Batsman ₹2 Crores England
M. Kumar Bowler ₹5.5 Crores India
M. Pandey Batsman ₹2.4 Crores India
R. Rossouw Batsman ₹4.6 Crores South Africa

Gujarat Squad 2023

Indian T20 League Final Squads

Player Role Auction Price Nation
S. Gill Batsman ₹8 Crores(R) India
S. Sudarshan Batsman ₹20 Lacs(R) India
A. Sadarangani Batsman ₹2.60 Crores(R) India
D. Miller Batsman ₹3 Crores(R)
South Africa
M. Wade (wk) WK-Batsman ₹2.40 Crores(R) Australia
W. Saha (wk) WK-Batsman ₹1.90 Crores(R) India
R. Khan Bowler ₹15 Crores(R)
D. Nalkande Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) India
Y. Dayal Bowler ₹3.20 Crores(R) India
P. Sangwan Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) India
A. Joseph Bowler ₹2.40 Crores(R)
West Indies
RS Kishore Bowler ₹3 Crores(R) India
N. Ahmad Bowler ₹30 Lacs(R)
M. Shami Bowler ₹6.25 Crores(R) India
H. Pandya All-rounder ₹15 Crores(R) India
V. Shankar All-rounder ₹1.40 Crores(R) India
J. Yadav All-rounder ₹1.70 Crores(R) India
R. Tewatia All-rounder ₹9 Crores(R) India
K. Williamson Batsman ₹2 Crores
New Zealand
O. Smith All-rounder ₹50 Lacs West Indies
KS Bharat WK-Batsman ₹1.2 Crores India
S. Mavi Bowler ₹6 Crores India
U. Patel WK-Batsman ₹20 Lacs India
J. Little Bowler ₹4.4 Crores Ireland
M. Sharma Bowler ₹50 Lacs India

Kolkata Squad 2023

Indian T20 League Final Squads

Player Role Auction Price Nation
S. Iyer Batsman ₹12.25 Crores(R) India
N. Rana Batsman ₹8 Crores(R) India
R. Singh Batsman ₹55 Lacs(R) India
V. Chakravarty Bowlers ₹8 Crores(R) India
T. Southee Bowlers ₹1.5 Crores(R)
New Zealand
U. Yadav Bowlers ₹2 Crores(R) India
A. Russell All-rounder ₹12 Crores (R)
West Indies
V. Iyer All-rounder ₹8 Crores (R) India
S. Narine All-rounder ₹6 Crores (R)
West Indies
A. Roy All-rounder ₹20 Lacs(R) India
S. Thakur Bowler Traded from Delhi India
L. Ferguson Bowler Traded from Gujarat
New Zealand
R. Gurbaz WK-Batsman Traded from Delhi
H. Rana Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) India
N. Jagadeesan WK-Batsman ₹90 Lacs India
V. Arora Bowler ₹60 Lacs India
S. Sharma
Bowler ₹20 Lacs India
D. Wiese
All-rounder ₹1 Crore Namibia
K. Khejroliya
Bowler ₹20 Lacs India
L. Das WK-Batsman ₹50 Lacs Bangladesh
M. Singh Batsman ₹50 Lacs India
S. Al Hasan
All-rounder ₹1.5 Crores Bangladesh

Lucknow Squad 2023

Indian T20 League Final Squads

Player Role Auction Price Nation
M. Vohra Batsman ₹20 Lakhs(R) India
KL Rahul (wk/C) WK-Batsman ₹17 Crores(R) India
Q. de Kock (wk) WK-Batsman ₹6.75 Crores(R) South Africa
R. Bishnoi Bowler ₹4 Crores(R) India
M. Khan Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) India
M. Yadav Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) India
A. Khan Bowler ₹10 Crores(R) India
M. Stoinis All-rounder ₹9.2 Crores(R) Australia
K. Mayers All-rounder ₹50 Lacs(R) West Indies
K. Sharma All-rounder ₹20 Lacs(R) India
K. Gowtham All-rounder ₹90 Lacs(R) India
A. Badoni All-rounder ₹20 Lacs(R) India
D. Hooda All-rounder ₹5.75 Crores(R) India
K. Pandya All-rounder ₹8.25 Crores(R) India
N. Pooran WK-Batsman ₹16 Crores West Indies
J. Unadkat Bowler ₹50 Lacs India
Y. Thakur Bowler ₹45 Lacs India
R. Shepherd
All-rounder ₹50 Lacs West Indies
D. Sams All-rounder ₹75 Lacs Australia
A. Mishra Bowler ₹50 Lacs India
P. Mankad All-rounder ₹20 Lacs India
S. Singh All-rounder ₹20 Lacs India
N.Ul-Haq Bowler ₹50 Lacs Afghanistan
Y. Charak All-rounder ₹20 Lacs India

Mumbai Squad 2023

Player Role Price
R. Sharma (c) Batsman ₹16 Crores(R) India
S. Yadav Batsman ₹8 Crores(R) India
T. Varma Batsman ₹1.70 Crores(R) India
R. Singh Batsman ₹20 Lacs(R) India
D. Brevis Batsman ₹3 Crores(R) India
I. Kishan (wk) WK-Batsman ₹15.25 Crores(R) India
J. Bumrah Bowler ₹12 Crores(R) India
KK Singh Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) India
J. Archer Bowler ₹8 Crores(R)
H. Shokeen All-rounder ₹20 Lacs(R) India
A. Tendulkar All-rounder ₹30 Lacs(R) India
T. David All-rounder ₹8.25 Crores(R)
T. Stubbs WK-Batsman ₹20 Lacs(R)
South Africa
A. Khan All-rounder ₹20 Lacs(R) India
A. Madhwal Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) India
J. Behrendorff Bowler Traded from Bangalore
C. Green All-rounder ₹17.50 Crores
J. Richardson Bowler ₹1.50 Crores
P. Chawla Bowler ₹50 Lacs India
D. Jansen All-rounder ₹20 Lacs
South Africa
S. Mulani All-rounder ₹20 Lacs India
N. Wadhera All-rounder ₹20 Lacs India
V. Vinod WK-Batsman ₹20 Lacs India
R. Goyal Bowler ₹20 Lacs India

Punjab Squad 2023

Player Role Auction Price Nation
B. Rajapaksa Batsman ₹50 Lacs(R) Sri Lanka
S. Khan Batsman ₹9 Crores(R) India
S. Dhawan(C) Batsman ₹8.25 Crores(R) India
P. Singh (wk) WK-Batsman ₹60 Lacs(R) India
J. Sharma (wk) WK-Batsman ₹20 Lacs(R) India
J. Bairstow (wk) WK-Batsman ₹6.75 Crores(R) England
A. Singh Bowler ₹4 Crores(R) India
R. Bawa Bowler ₹2 Crores(R) India
N. Ellis Bowler ₹75 Lacs(R) Australia
H. Brar Bowler ₹3.80 Crores(R) India
R. Chahar Bowler ₹5.25 Crores(R) India
K. Rabada Bowler ₹9.25 Crores(R)
South Africa
B. Singh All-rounder ₹20 Lacs(R) India
L. Livingstone All-rounder ₹11.50 Crores(R) England
R. Dhawan All-rounder ₹55 Lacs(R) India
A. Taide All-rounder ₹20 Lacs(R) India
S. Curran All-rounder ₹18.50 Crores England
S. Raza All-rounder ₹50 Lacs Zimbabwe
H. Bhatia
₹40 Lacs
V. Kaverappa
₹20 Lacs
M. Rathee
₹20 Lacs
S. Singh
₹20 Lacs

Rajasthan Squad 2023

Indian T20 League Final Squads

Player Role Auction Price Nation
Y. Jaiswal Batsman ₹4 Crores(R) India
D. Padikkal Batsman ₹7.75 Crores(R) India
S. Hetmyer Batsman ₹8.50 Crores(R)
West Indies
S. Samson (wk/C) WK-Batsman ₹14 Crores(R) India
J. Buttler (wk) WK-Batsman ₹10 Crores(R) England
D. Jurel (wk) WK-Batsman ₹20 Lacs(R) India
K. Yadav Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) India
N. Saini Bowler ₹2.60 Crores(R) India
K. Sen Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) India
O. McCoy Bowler ₹75 Lacs(R)
West Indies
KC Kariappa Bowler ₹30 Lacs(R) India
Y. Chahal Bowler ₹6.50 Crores(R) India
T. Boult Bowler ₹8 Crores(R)
New Zealand
R. Parag All-rounder ₹3.80 Crores(R) India
R. Ashwin All-rounder ₹5 Crores(R) India
J. Holder All-rounder ₹5.75 Crores West Indies
D. Ferreira
WK-Batsman ₹50 Lacs South Africa
K. Rathore WK-Batsman ₹20 Lacs India
A. Zampa Bowler ₹1.5 Crores Australia
KM Asif Bowler ₹30 Lacs India
M. Ashwin
Bowler ₹20 Lacs India
A. Vashisht All-rounder ₹20 Lacs India
Abdul P A Bowler ₹20 Lacs India
J. Root Batter ₹1 Crore England

Bangalore Squad 2023

Player Role Auction Price Nation
V. Kohli Batsman ₹15 Crores(R) India
S. Prabhudessai Batsman ₹30 Lacs(R) India
F. du Plessis(C) Batsman ₹7 Crores(R) South Africa
R. Patidar Batsman ₹20 Lacs(R) India
A. Rawat (wk) WK-Batsman ₹3.40 Crores(R) India
F. Allen (wk) WK-Batsman ₹80 Lacs(R) New Zealand
D. Karthik (wk) WK-Batsman ₹5.50 Crores(R) India
M. Siraj Bowler ₹7 Crores(R) India
K. Sharma Bowler ₹50 Lacs(R) India
S. Kaul Bowler ₹75 Lacs(R) India
J. Hazlewood Bowler ₹7.75 Crores(R) Australia
H. Patel Bowler ₹10.75 Crores(R) India
A. Deep Bowler ₹20 Lacs(R) India
G. Maxwell All-rounder ₹11 Crores(R) Australia
D. Willey All-rounder ₹2 Crores(R) England
M. Lomror All-rounder ₹95 Lacs(R) India
S. Ahmed All-rounder ₹2.40 Crores(R) India
W. Hasaranga All-rounder ₹10.75 Crores(R) Sri Lanka
R. Topley Bowler ₹1.90 Crores England
W. Jacks All-rounder ₹3.20 Crores England
H. Sharma Bowler ₹20 Lacs India
M. Bhandage All-rounder ₹20 Lacs India
R. Kumar Bowler ₹70 Lacs India
A. Singh Bowler ₹60 Lacs India
R. Yadav All-rounder ₹20 Lacs India

Hyderabad Squad 2023

Player Role Auction Price Nation
A. Markram(C) Batsman ₹2.60 Crores(R) South Africa
R. Tripathi Batsman ₹8.50 Crores(R) India
G. Phillips (wk) WK-Batsman ₹1.50 Crores(R) New Zealand
U. Malik Bowler ₹4Crores(R) India
F. Haq Farooqi Bowler ₹50 Lacs(R) Afghanistan
K. Tyagi Bowler ₹4 Crores(R) India
T. Natarajan Bowler ₹4 Crores(R) India
B. Kumar Bowler ₹4.20 Crores(R) India
A. Samad All-rounder ₹4Crores(R) India
M. Jansen All-rounder ₹4.20 Crores(R) South Africa
A. Sharma All-rounder ₹6.50 Crores(R) India
W. Sundar All-rounder ₹8.75 Crores(R) India
H. Brook Batsman ₹13.25 Crores England
M. Agarwal Batsman ₹8.25 Crores India
H. Klaasen WK-Batsman ₹5.25 Crores South Africa
A. Rashid Bowler ₹2 Crores England
M. Markande Bowler ₹50 Lacs India
V. Sharma All-rounder ₹2.6 Crores India
S. Vyas All-rounder ₹20 Lacs India
S. Singh All-rounder ₹20 Lacs India
U. Yadav WK-Batsman ₹25 Lacs India
M. Dagar All-rounder ₹1.8 Crores India
N. Kumar Reddy WK-Batsman ₹20 Lacs India
A. Hosein Bowler ₹1 Crore West Indies
A. Singh Batman ₹20 Lacs India

Get ready to witness the reigning champions of the Indian T20 League, mighty Gujarat, led by the all-round wizard, H. Pandya! In their debut season, the Titans roared to glory, defying all odds to lift the championship trophy, leaving their rivals green with envy!

The Titans’ championship-winning journey was no less than a fairytale, and the final match against the Rajasthan was an absolute cracker! With nerves of steel and a never-say-die attitude, the Titans prevailed over their opponents, clinching the trophy in style.

Who do you think will lift the season in this year’s edition of the Indian T20 League? Let us know in the comments!



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