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How to play fantasy rugby on MyTeam11?

Striking similarity with the game of football, rugby has gained a widespread popularity across the world. While the game hasn’t yet caught the attention of the Indian audience completely, MyTeam11 has taken the first step towards making the Indian sports fans known to the game. MyTeam11 recently became the first-ever to introduce fantasy rugby in India, and ever since then, the audience has been going crazy. 

However, there yet are confusions about the gaming, playing and participating in fantasy rugby offered by MyTeam11. To those people who are wondering how to play fantasy rugby on MyTeam11, here’s a guide for you. 

How to play fantasy rugby on MyTeam11?

Fantasy game on MyTeam11 includes creating your own virtual team by creating players from both the playing teams. The teams are then offered points on the basis of the points system of MyTeam11 which can be found on the Fantasy Points System page. 

The players are awarded ranks on the basis of the total aggregate of points attained by the team created by the user. The player with a higher rank is given higher winnings. To understand how to play fantasy rugby on MyTeam11 efficiently, follow the below steps.

  • Choose ‘Rugby’ from the Sports Menu on the homepage. 
  • Select a match that you would like to join. 
  • After selecting a match, pick a contest you would like to join. Create a team of 13 Players within a fixed budget of 100 virtual credit points. You can choose players from both sides. 
  • Choose your captain and vice-captain to earn extra points. The captain of your fantasy rugby team is given 2x points & the vice-captain as 1.5x points. 
  • After creating your team, join the contest and wait for the real-time match to begin. 
  • The teams in a contest are awarded points on the basis of the real-time performance of selected players. The team with the heist aggregate of points is given the highest rank.  
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