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How to play fantasy hockey on MyTeam11?

As we embark on an ambitious mission to embrace new advancements, MyTeam11 brings a lot for the fantasy gamers this year. Starting with the introduction of new rules for cricket team creation on the New Year’s Day, the fastest growing fantasy platform aims to make virtual gaming experience even more engaging with the arrival of a new sport on board – Hockey. It is one sport that has always been rooted to our country and with the increase in the number of virtual gamers, fantasy hockey has gradually become a trend among the sports lovers. All you need to have is the passion to participate, knowledge of hockey to make strategies, and top-notch skills to implement your plan of action.

Follow these instructions step by step to know how to get started:

  1. Pick hockey from the sports categories listed on the app and web.
  2. Browse through a wide range of tournaments and select the match that interests you the most.
  3. After selecting the fixture you want to join, choose the best XI within the defined budget of virtual credit points.
  4. Choose two players from your squad as captain and vice-captain of the team. Make a smart choice because they can earn you points as 2x and 1.5x respectively.
  5. What’s even more interesting is the fact that you can enter the contest with more than one team! In a multiple entry match, you can build up to 10 different teams and join with up to 6 teams out of them. But always keep in mind the Terms and Conditions before creating multiple teams.
  6. That’s it! After choosing your team wisely, you are ready to join the league.

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Rules for Team Creation

Before creating your squad, let’s know the criteria for selecting the number of players for your team.


Goalkeeper is one of the vital elements of hockey squad and on MyTeam11, you can choose 1 goalkeeper to fortify your squad and earn maximum points.


While selecting your fantasy team, the platform allows you to choose 3-5 defenders to guide your team to victory.


The platform enables you to pick 1-3 forwards to create a formidable squad.


You can select 3-5 mid-fielders to strengthen your team and ensure that you bag big winnings

Stay tuned for hockey updates on blog.myteam11.com. We have a dedicated team to cover hockey, who will bring you the latest updates on the upcoming fixtures, news, match predictions and much more.

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