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How To Play Fantasy Cricket on MyTeam11

Fantasy Cricket is immensely popular in India. Now, there are 2 most obvious reasons for it. Firstly, Cricket is treated as a religion in India. Secondly, with the surge of digitalization more and more people have smartphones and they almost take part in the live-action while making teams for matches.

Now, there are almost over a dozen platforms out there that lets you create fantasy teams. However, choosing the right platform is very important. MyTeam11 has been around the Fantasy Cricket space for a long time. With a customer base of over 15 million, MyTeam11 has become one of the favourite fantasy cricket platforms amongst the people of India.

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

The concept of ‘fantasy cricket’ is fairly easy to understand. Fantasy Cricket is an online game in which you create a virtual team of real players and points are scored depending on how those players perform in real-life matches.

How To Play Fantasy Cricket on MyTeam11?

MyTeam11 has made it very easy for new users to navigate themselves and make teams for themselves.

This is how you can create your teams on MyTeam11:

  • Select A Match

To participate in a particular match, you just have to click on the match of your choosing.

  • Select A Contest

Once you’ve selected the match, you get to choose from various Contests available on the app. Each of these contests has different prize pools and different entry fees. To enter a contest, you have to select a contest you think is fit for you and start making your teams.

  • Select Your Playing XI

Once you enter the contest, you’ll see the list of the players between the two teams. Now, you have the task to select 11 players you think will perform well in the match. 

While selecting the players, you’ll see 4 major categories – Wicket Keepers (WK), Batters (BAT), All-Rounders (AR) and Bowlers (BOWL). As the name suggests, you’ll see a bunch of players segregated within these 4 categories.

While selecting your players, you’ll see there are ‘credits’ defined besides the name of the player. In total you get 100.00 credits to complete your team, so you have to be clever while selecting your players.

There are certain regulations when selecting the number of players on your team. You can refer to the table below where the maximum and the minimum number of permissible players are detailed.

NOTE: You can only choose a maximum of 7 players from one team.

  • Choose Your Captain and Vice-Captain

Once you’re done with selecting your playing XI, you’ll see your players in the fantasy preview. Now, you get to choose the captain and vice-captain of the team you created.

Choosing a captain means that the selected player will get x2 fantasy points during the match and the vice-captain will get x1.5 fantasy points.

For example, if your selected captain got 60 points during the match, his total points will be 60*2 = 120 points. Similarly, if your vice-captain gets 60 points, then his final points will be 60*1.5 = 90 points.

Playing on MyTeam11 has its benefits. You can make up to 15 teams in a single league. Making more teams will surely give you a better chance to get closer to the winnings of that particular league.


You have now figured out that making fantasy cricket teams on MyTeam11 is not just fun but also gives you a better chance at grabbing big winnings. MyTeam11 also offers exciting games like Poker, Rummy, Ludo, etc. where users have the chance to earn in real-time. You will not regret choosing MyTeam11 to play fantasy cricket. So, good luck playing!



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