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Highest Individual Scores in World T20 Cup

The T20 format took the world by storm in 2005. In today’s day and age, T20 matches have become a staple in world cricket. From Indian T20 League to World T20 Cup, the 20-over format has mesmerised the fans. Perhaps, the biggest reason for this is the high scores in this short format of cricket. Throughout its history, we’ve seen some extraordinary performances. So, today, we’ll take a look at the Highest Individual Scores in World T20 Cup.

5. T. Iqbal

Iqbal has been an integral batter for the Bangladesh team. The left-handed batter created history back in 2016 against Oman in a T20I contest. Iqbal scored the fifth-highest runs by a player in T20I history, 103* runs.

Highest Individual Scores in World T20 Cup
Image Source: T. Iqbal / Twitter

What’s more surprising is that Iqbal made 103 runs in just 63 balls. Furthermore, he remained not out throughout the innings. Iqbal hit 5 massive sixes and 10 classy fours, resulting in 70 runs coming only from boundaries. It has been 6 years since that innings, but no other Iqbal is the only Bangladeshi player to have achieved such a feat in his career.

4. A. Shehzad

In 2014, A. Shehzad did two miracles for the Pakistan team. In a match against their fierce rivals – Bangladesh, Shehzad hit a magnificent century and helped his team win the match. Furthermore, he became the batter with the fourth-highest individual score in T20I history.

Ahmad Shehzad
Source: Ahmad Shehzad / Instagram

Opening alongside K. Akmal, Shehzad scored 111* runs in the span of 20 overs. It took him only 62 balls to score his only century in the T20I format. It was A. Shehzad’s century that saved the Pakistan team to lose their match against Bangladesh.

3. A. Hales

Hales scored a century when his team needed him the most. In a match between Sri Lanka and England, the Lankan Lions batted brilliantly and scored a massive total of 189 runs. T. Dilshan and M. Jayawardene were the two batters who punished every bad delivery from the Lankan bowlers.

Highest Individual Scores in World T20 Cup
Image Source: A. Hales / Twitter

In return, the England team struggled with the bat and it looked like the curtain was falling on them. Eventually, A. Hales stepped out and played brilliant innings of 116* runs. Hales alongside Morgan helped their team clinch a close victory against Sri Lanka.

2. C. Gayle

We all knew that this list wouldn’t be completed without the name of C. Gayle. The former Caribbean batter scored holds the record for the second-highest individual score in the T20I format – 117 runs. Gayle became the first person to hit a century in the T20I format and also in the World T20 Cup.

Gayle hit the century against South Africa, who hosted the inaugural World T20 Cup in 2007. Furthermore, it took him only 57 deliveries to achieve this feat. During his innings, he hit 10 sixes and 7 fours.

1. B. McCullum

The former New Zealand skipper has been number 1 in many situations. B. McCullum holds the record for the highest individual score in the T20I format. McCullum scored 123 runs off just 58 balls against Bangladesh in the 2012 World T20 Cup.

Image Source: B. McCullum / Twitter

To date, nobody could break this record and McCullum sits at the throne of the ‘highest individual score’. McCullum hit 7 sixes and 11 fours, having a strike rate of 212.06.

So, these are the top 5 players with the highest individual scores in World T20 Cup. In this year’s World T20 Cup, the world is waiting for someone to break these records. Meanwhile, you can win on MyTeam11 by creating teams and earning exciting rewards for this World T20 Cup.



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