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Fantasy Sports Tournaments You Can Join this Quarantine

With 40 days into lockdown, we are sure must be missing sports very much. The extending days of lockdown are making it difficult to anticipate when will things get back to their normal self. Work from homes & quarantine has been making life monotonous with absolute 0 sources of entertainment, and if you are a sports fan then we surely understand your pain. Well, even if most of the sports tournaments are brought to a standstill, there are a few fantasy sports tournaments available for you to join. Get ready to enjoy the fun of the real-time sport at your fingertips with the following sports tournaments available on MyTeam11.   


The most popular sport across the nation is cricket. The sport enjoys a wide-spread popularity & thus, we have the cricket on offer for all the lovers. Enjoy the game with action-packed encounters. The available fantasy cricket tournaments are:  

  • Taipei T10 league 


Apart from cricket, we offer another major sport on our platform. With the changing environment, schedules and preferences, people across the nation have started developing interest in football. To get that action kicking right-in, join the below tournaments. 

  • Belarus Premier League
  • Nicaragua League
  • Belarus Cup

Our offering of sports is not just limited to cricket and football. There are other sports, including Basketball & baseball. The other fantasy sports tournaments available to join, include:


  • Taiwan Super Basketball League
  • Nicaragua Basketball League


  • Chinese Baseball League

Now, is the time to pick your phone, create your teams & get ready to enjoy the fun of the sports with exciting winnings. Download MyTeam11 app today & put a full-stop to missing sports. 

Muskaan Sharma
Muskaan Sharma
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