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Don’t Call Yourself a Die-hard Cricket Fan If you Didn’t know these 9 Facts

Do you also consider yourself to be a cricket encyclopedia, taking after your love, passion, and knowledge of the game? Well, we have something that might burst your bubble. Spending hours at researching we have found some very interesting and lesser-known cricket facts that can help you testify whether you are a die-hard cricket fan of now. Let’s move forward towards such interesting facts to explore more.

The Only “Out for a Duck” of Sachin’s Ranji Career 

Sachin Tendulkar was dismissed for a score of 0, known as “Out for a Duck” for only once in his long-lived Ranji Trophy career. The player who dismissed Sachin for a duck for the first time in the player’s domestic cricket was none other than our Right-arm medium bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who was playing for Uttar Pradesh at the time. It took a very long time for the realization to strike Kumar that he has actually dismissed the God of Cricket for a duck.   

Source: India TV News 

Rahul Dravid & Sachin Tendulkar’s War against Giles

Two prominent players of Indian cricket teams who their names scribed in golden letters for a terrific contribution to the games were Stumped only once in their entire international Test cricket career.  And the interesting part is, both the players were dismissed by England’s spinner Ashley Giles. 

Source: Cricket Country

The relation between Afridi’s fastest ODI century & the God of Cricket

As soon as the name India-Pakistan strikes we get an image of a cold war between the two teams. But, do you know the then fastest ODI century scored by Pakistan player Shahid Afridi has a great connection with the God of Cricket. It was Tendulkar’s bat with which Afridi scored the then fastest ODI century.

Source: HoaxOrFact

Four Consecutive Man of the Match Awards in ODIs

Grabbing a “Man of the Match” title is a big deal for a player as it takes immense efforts & dedication to bag one. But do you know there’s someone who won the title for 4 times consecutively in ODIs? Yes, you heard it right. Indian player Sourav Ganguly consecutively registered 4 “Man of the Match” titles under his name. 

Source: Sportzwiki

Lala Amarnath: The only bowler to dismiss Sir Don Bradman for a hit wicket

The legendary player Sir Don Bradman was dismissed for a hit-wicket in the Test cricket for only once in his entire career which was an unexpected event looking at the player’s skills. And, the player to make the unexpected turn reality was India’ champion Lala Amarnath. 

 Source: Navhind Times

Tendulkar vs Brad Hogg 

Celebrating a big wicket is every bowler’s right, but it came as an unbeatable challenge for Brad Hogg. It once happened that Brad Hogg dismissed Tendulkar and asked him to sign a photograph of the dismissal as a memory. Sachin did sign the picture but wrote: “It will never happen again.” Again like a true gentleman, he stood by his words, not letting the event occur again. 

Source: Cricket Country

India and its Tale of Victories 

India and the tale of its victories is very long to summarize. But do you know that the Blue Army is the only country in the world to have won all 60-over, 50-over and 20-over World Cup battles? 

Source: Cricket Country

Mohammed Azharuddin’s Centuries

Mohammed Azharuddin who gained a lot of popularity due to various controversies apart from his unmatchable cricketing skills is the only player to have scored three centuries in the first three test matches he played. 

Source: Derby Shire CCC

Well, these were some of the interesting and important facts about cricket we believe you might have not heard of. And in case we are right, then do let us know in the comment section. If it’s the other way round, then do let us know how many of these facts you knew. Keep reading MyTeam11 Blogs to unveil interesting and unheard sports stuff.


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