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Do you Know these Unknown facts about Yuvraj’s 6 Sixes?

Every one of you must remember the bewildering site of Yuvraj Singh hitting Stuart Broad for 6 sixes in an over. It was during the times when Broad was reckoned as one of the best bowlers across all the cricket playing nations. The achievement became one of the reasons why Yuvraj Singh is widely celebrated across the globe.  

The record till date remains registered under the name of our Punjab-born star with he being the only player to achieve the feat in T20Is. Well, there are some unknown facts associated with the big achievement of Yuvraj Singh, read on to know more. 

The feat was achieved with a mishit

The over started with a charged up Yuvraj Singh who was angered after his face-off with Andrew Flintoff in the previous over. Stuart Broad walked to the pitch with the aim of owning the game with his brilliant bowling action, but with each delivery, his dream looked far % far away. 

We know the story, we know the feat, but what we don’t know yet is that the last 6 of the over, was a mishit. After the match, Yuvraj unveiled that after hitting first 5 balls of the over for a 6, the last ball was full-length delivery & was mistimed. However, as the luck had it, the ball went over the boundary, registering the most historical moment of cricket history.

The BIG Rewards Given By BCCI 

Yuvraj Singh’s performance was highly appreciated by the national governing authority of cricket. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) duly rewarded the player for his blistering performance. He was given an additional reward of ₹1 Crore along with the match fee of ₹80 Lakh paid to all the other members of the team. Moreover, Yuvraj was also rewarded with a Porsche sports car for his achievement.   

36 Runs is not the highest in an over

It may seem that after hitting 6 sixes in an over, Yuvraj Singh must be holding the record for scoring the highest runs in an over. However, what you may not know is that the record is held by Hardik Pandya after he smashed Delhi’s medium pacer, Akash Sudan for 39 runs in an over during a domestic match.

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